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About us

Idyllic Institute of Management is running under the aegis of ICON Education Society, the pioneer of educational sector providing courses in Management, Commerce, Law and Nursing. It is affiliated to DAVV ('A' Grade University) and recognized by Higher Education MP. As an academic institute, we are most promising college for the 360 degree development and qualitative education. India is ready to serve as youth nation in global scenario.

To mould the young talent to build academic architecture is challenging task. At Idyllic Institute of management we believe that to accept the challenges is an art and to convert them into triumph is practice. We work in partnership with our students to nurture their ethical values, educational excellence & Entrepreneurial skills with research and development to make them self employed.
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Our Mission

To promote a learning environment that welcomes and honors students from diverse cultures for involving themselves in intellectual inquisitiveness, explore knowledge dimensions for future application in industry, business and life. To develop managers and entrepreneurs in the field of Management and Commerce,

who can serve as engines of national and global economic growth & innovation to foster strategic alliances with industry for research and its application. To inculcate the ethical, social and moral values in all our stakeholders i.e. the foundation of humane social order.

Our Vision

To create a centre of academic excellence in the field of Management and Commerce education with the purpose of fulfilling the societal requirements of Entrepreneurs & Professionals through holistic development of the future performers,

who are also good human beings, and possess the right knowledge, skill sets and attitude towards their work and life.