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Committed towards the enhancement of relations between alumni and students of Idyllic Institute of Management, the Alumni Interaction Cell plays a fundamental role in forging links between the institute and its students. It provides a medium for students to effectively utilize the vast experiences and wisdom of alumni. The Cell strives to create an environment of friendship and in the process rekindles the belief that there are people who think and care about us in an un-selfish way, people who are proud of our individual milestones, and people who are ready to share our sense of loss and grief in a manner as if of their own. It is this overflow of emotions and empathy that reconnects everyone back into the family, heals all differences (if any) and reinforces in everyone a sense of belonging to the family institution. The institute’s activities and programmes for its alumni are directed towards building lifelong bonds of association with the institute. It ensures that the college always stays a home for our alumni and is ever welcoming!

Your active cooperation & support to the Alumni Association in any form will go a long way in making this Association an effective platform for interaction and also contribute towards the alma mater.

Objective: To create and maintain a consolidated and updated alumni database, build a strong relationship between the department and the alumni and to create a structured framework for the committee to work, keeping in mind its future prospects. Also, this Cell provides an opportunity to all the students to learn and grow from the guidance of passing out students and their expertise.

Entrepreneurship Development Cell

Educating and training people for developing entrepreneurial capabilities through positive training interventions is the core strategy of the Entrepreneurship Development Cell (EDC). To have an entrepreneurial spirit means to be flexible, risk taking and dedicated. ED cell focused on the attention of students on the wide entrepreneurial opportunities available in the current scenario.
The following objectives were set for EDC

  • To Create awareness on Entrepreneurship among the students through training programmes and camps
  • To identify and motivate budding entrepreneurs
  • To facilitate budding entrepreneurs by providing information on entrepreneurial opportunities
  • To create data base and networking to help budding entrepreneurs
  • To assist budding entrepreneurs in product development.
  • To help budding entrepreneurs to acquire necessary managerial skills to run the industry effectively

Industrial visit
At Idyllic Institute of Management, regular industrial visits are the vital part of the curriculum. It bridges the Gap between classroom teaching and corporate world and provides hand on knowledge on organizational structures and modes of operations in different industries. List of prominent industries visited by the students during various semesters
  • Pratibha syntex(Textile), Pithampur (M.P)
  • TATA International Ltd. , Dewas (M.P)

Research & Development Cell
Research and Development cell is an integral part of the activities of Idyllic College of Management. This cell is one of the wings of the Institute which facilitates, channelizes, records, and regulates all the academic, sponsored, collaborative research projects and consultancy works in the Institute. In a world increasingly propelled by technology, academic research forms the mainspring of a nation’s economic growth. Idyllic aspires to transform the lives of young budding managers through their innovative ideas to contribute for research at academic level. Idyllic is closely working with core industries to train the students in this direction. The key goal of the Institute is to provide a creative atmosphere in which higher studies and research thrive amongst the faculty and students. It also promotes and manages Institute-Industry interaction.

Aims and Objectives:
  • To create zeal amongst students and faculty members towards research and innovation.
  • To create centers of Excellence in niche areas of research.
  • To foster collaborations for mutual benefits and to maximize Industrial connectivity.
  • To promote research in various departments of the Institute.
  • To ensure smooth functioning and effective Management of R&D at the institution